"It is the vision of Blades Joinery + Construction: to deliver the highest quality product to our clients On time + Every time + Using the finest materials + The best possible Design Uncompromising + Quality + Style + Design"

What warranties will your Kitchen professional provide? What back up service will be available for your kitchen?

At Blades Joinery + Construction you are protected by Statutory warranties for the products you choose and are protected under the QBSA Home Warranty Scheme as part and parcel of the Contract we use.

Does your kitchen manufacturer use their own specialised team of cabinet makers to install your kitchen? Or do they use sub contractors?

The Blades Advantage is in using our own team. This means that the buck starts and stops with us. We have complete control over the final product and of course our team are trained in the methods which we pride ourselves on.

On completion of your kitchen installation, will you receive Care and Maintenance instructions, along with copies of all Warranty certificates?

When your project is complete, Blades Joinery + Construction will give you a “Completion Pack”. The pack includes all Warranties and Care Instructions associated with your new kitchen.

Does your completed kitchen include a final inspection by your kitchen professional to ensure all items have been completed to the highest standards?

On completion of your project, a member of our management team will make a visit to check on the final product. They will check that the level of workmanship meets our exacting standards. During this visit they will hand you your completion pack.

Is your Kitchen professional suitably licensed for the Works being undertaken? Is your kitchen professional licensed to work for the public?

Blades Joinery + Construction holds the following licences: Builder: Low rise and Builder: Restricted to Kitchen, bathroom and laundry installations. We are licensed to deal with both builders and the public. To check whether your kitchen professional is licensed to deal with the public, call the Queensland Building Services Authority on 1300 272 272

Has your kitchen professional advised you that by law a contract MUST be used for any works valued at over $3,300 inc GST?

All works valued at over $3,300 (inc labour and materials) MUST be covered by a contract that complies with the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000. Engaging a contractor without a contract means leaving yourself open to dealing with an unlicensed contractor who may be unlikely to have insurance to cover their work.
Blades Joinery + Construction is licensed and our licence number is QBSA # 874014. Blades Joinery + Construction uses a “Kitchen & Bathroom installation” contract supplied by Housing Industry Australia (HIA)

Does your kitchen professional carry the correct insurances to safeguard your building work?

Blades Joinery + Construction holds $20 Mil Public Liability insurance. Plus the Contract we put in place before commencing work, has an included 6.5 year Home Warranty Insurance which covers all works we undertake.

Is your kitchen professional able to prepare any documents required for council permits/ approvals?

As you selected kitchen professional we are up to date with Council requirements that may affect your renovation. We are able to help you apply for these permits and approvals so your renovations meet any guidelines set by your local government.

Does your kitchen professional have current licences to deal with any Asbestos related work found in your home?

Blades Joinery + Construction holds an Asbestos Licence Type B. We are experienced in dealing with this material safely and efficiently.

Does your kitchen professional have access to an Inhouse building/construction team?

Blades Joinery + Construction, as our name implies, is a one stop building team. We have our own team of carpenters on hand.

Does your kitchen professional use Quality 1st Grade materials that meet Australian Standards?

Blades Joinery + Construction uses and recommends a variety of products that come standard with a Limited Lifetime warranty. This includes our hinges and drawer runners.

What method of construction does your kitchen professional use as Standard practice?

At Blades Joinery + Construction we use a construction method that we believe is the best in the business. We glue, nail and then screw all components together to ensure strength and longevity for your joinery. We won’t use cheaper or inferior products. To give an example of the extra steps we take, we use solid plywood as a basis for our kickboards. Other cabinetmakers use chipboard for the kicks, which is obviously an inferior product when it comes to moisture resistance.

Does your kitchen professional use suitably licenced Sub contractors (eg. Plumber, Electrician, Tilers, Painters) while working in your home?

Using unlicenced Sub contractors may void your home Insurance. Blades Joinery + Construction uses only reliable and suitably qualified Sub contractors on your project.

Will your selected kitchen professional manage the Sub trades for you?

A builder’s licence is required to manage and co-ordinate sub trades. Blades Joinery + Construction holds the appropriate licence to co-ordinate the sub contractors ensuring your project flows smoothly.

Will your kitchen professional advise you of any variations before they are carried out?

Blades Joinery + Construction will discuss with you all costs involved in adding to the job once we have started. By law, all variations must be in writing, and approved and signed by the homeowner before proceeding.

Does your selected kitchen professional offer advice and specialised service including the services of a Certified Designer?

The Blades Advantage is evident with two certified members of the Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDI) on hand to assist you to achieve the best design and use of colour and finishes.